Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday, July 7th, Redwood Gospel Mission Proposed Location


Here is the location of the proposed Redwood Gospel Mission.  On July 14th, at 4pm, in the City Hall, the Santa Rosa Planning Commission will consider plans to move programs of the Mission to this location.  The staff report is attached to the agenda, which can be found after July 10th, by clicking on this link.

Redwood Gospel held a meeting at the Roseland Library last week to inform the neighbors of their plans.  It was well-attended, and City staff assisted in fielding and answering questions.  Comments focused on the proximity to Roseland, Joe Rodota Trail, Roseand Prep University, and the Smart Train planned transit housing.  Additionally, questions were raised about parking spaces and safety to the community. While few attendees went away satisfied, the message from the City and Mission was clear - attend the Planning Commission and City Council meetings, and voice your opinions.

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